Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pretty In Pink

Custom order for a nice lady in Oklahoma. I was very pleased (if I do say so myself) with this one. I'd like to make more, in purple and green.

The Purple Set

Made from all the shades of purple in my bead boxes. Plus lots of old crystals and various and sundry other beads from all over. This was purchased the first time out, and the lady liked it so much, she ordered a red one for her sister.

The Red One

The red brother to the purple set earlier. This was hard for me because I don't like red, and I don't use it much in my work. I was surprised to note that I had a bunch of different colors of red beads! Amaaaaazing!! I think I'm done with this particular style of necklace and bracelet.

Adventurine Necklace

Just a little old thing I threw together for a party. I didn't have anything to wear, jewelry wise (riiight!) It's aventurine and smoke colored AB Czech glass crystals. I might shorten it so I can make earrings to match. FOR SALE.

Tigers Eye Amulet Bag

This took a long time to make. Years actually. I made the leather pouch a couple years back, and lost interest. In digging thru my boxes of beads, I discovered it, and decided to finally finish it. It took a week to make the strap just the way I wanted it. And probably another two weeks for the fringe and edging. It has found a home with a sweet person in Arkansas.

Secret Beader Gift

I made this for the secret beader exchange on the one bead forum I participate in. It's made from Czech glass beads of all kinds of pinks. I hope Amanah likes it as much as I did when I was finished with it.

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