Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Stuff!

Finally posting some new stuff. Too bad I haven't figured out the camera yet. Everything is a tad blurry.

Another style of Japanese 12/2 earrings. Can be done in purple, blue, green, red, gold, black, silver or copper. Czech glass drops just for fun.

October Forum challenge necklace: It's an aquarium stone with peyote stitched size 15/0 beads as the bail, and fringe. Czech glass drops on the ends of the fringe to finish, and purple lined blue square beads for the necklace. Whew.

Tiny little crazy Japanese 12/2 bracelet. Anodized aluminum rings in gold & red.

Japanese 12/2 bracelet-Comes in purple, blue, red, kelly green, black, gold, silver or copper. Made from aluminum rings (unless it's copper)

Japanese 12/2 Earrings- They come in red, black, kelly green, purple, gold, silver and copper. Same construction as the bracelet, aluminum rings. Swarovski crystals to end the fringe.

Japanese 12/2 Anodized Aluminum bracelet detail:

If you'd be interested in any of these, please email me.


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